Many Mudge descendants claim Zachariah Mudge (1694-1769), Prebendary of Exeter and Vicar of St Andrews, Plymouth, as their antecedent. And for the good reason he sired talented, and energetic children who connected the family to other famous or important families in Devon and elsewhere. One son was a doctor, another a watchmaker, another a musician, and another an army surveyor and map maker.

The families of Zachariah and John Mudge may be connected but it is in the generations before Zachariah. These connection have not been traced as yet, although the connection may exist through a John Mudge who was a wealthy farmer of Dean Prior in the 16th century who appears in the Devon Muster rolls for 1569. The male Mudges in Devon for 1569 are listed below, although it is difficult to believe this list is complete.

The Hundred of Axminster - Axminster Parish
Robert Mudge is an able bodied archer

The Hundred of Wonford - Stokentynhed Parish
John Mudge jun. = a gonner
John Mudge snr = a pikeman

The Hundred of Wonford - Comentynhed Parish
William Mudge = billman

The Hundred of Roborough - Buckland Monacorham Parrishe
Averye Mudge = Harquebusier

The Hundred of Stanborow - Deane Pryor Parrishe
"Presentors sworen: William Giles, Robert Furse, Hugh Heile, Thomas Tolcharde
who do present as afforesaid: Robert Furse L10, Richard Hedd G7, John Mudge L10, Hugh Heale G7.
The inhabitants not particlarlie charged by the statute are acessed (assessed) to fynde 2 cavilers."

(L10 means he had a yearly income of 5 to 10 and had to provide 1 almain rivet (probably a piece of armour), 1 bow, 1 sheaf of arrows, 1 steel cap and 1 billhook.  G7 were those in possession of goods to the value of 10 - 20 and had to provide 1 bow, 1 sheaf of arrows, 1 steel cap and 1 billhook.)

The Hundred of Ermington - Ugborough Parishe
John Mudge = billman

The Hundred of Haytor - Coffenswell Parrishe
Thomas Mudge = billman.

This would suggest that the rising tide of Mudges was carried on the backs of John Mudge L10 in the Deane Pryor Parish.  All the Mudges except the Ermington,  Roborough and Axminster Mudges are from east of Dartmoor, around Torquay and inland.  This may be the seat of the family.  The 10 Mudge may have held some land from which he derived his considerable income.  The ages of those mustered was between late teens and 60. Zacariah's father may have been Hercules Mudge christened at Berry Pomeroy, Devon, in May 1652.His father was also Hercules Mudge.

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